RYW729x: Sub 1GHz 802.11ah HaLow® Wi-Fi SPI/UART Interface Module

Sub 1GHz 802.11ah Wi-Fi SPI/UART Interface Module

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RYW729x is a highly integrated baseband (MAC & PHY), Sub 1 GHz radio module. It is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11ah standard which is long-range and low-power version of Wi-Fi standard. Its 1/2/4 MHz channel bandwidth support yields 150 Kbps to 15 Mbps PHY rate that can support low-rate sensor to high-rate surveillance camera applications. The self-contained Wi-Fi networking with huge range of data throughput offers the ideal solution to add Wi-Fi connectivity to IoT products.

Identificación de artículo 101480
Modelo RYW729x
Fabricante Reyax
País de origen
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Peso 110 g
Peso neto 100 g


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Description
PA Operation Voltage 3.2 3.3 3.4 V VDD_PA
Operation Voltage 3.2 3.3 3.4 V VDD,  VDD _IO
TX Current     350 mA POUT = 23dBm
RX Current     42 mA  
Logic Input High Voltage VIH 2   VDD_IO V VDD _IO=3.3V
Logic Input Low Voltage VIL 0   0.6 V VDD _IO=3.3V
Logic Output High Voltage VOH 1.6   VDD_IO V VDD _IO=3.3V
Logic Output Low Voltage VOL 0   0.7 V VDD _IO=3.3V
RF Operation Frequency Range 868   928 MHz  
RF TX power   23   dBm VDD_PA=3.3V
RF Transmitter spurious signal emissions     -36 dBm  
RF sensitivity -106     dBm BW=1MHz Rate=300Kbps
Modulation=BPSK 1/2
RF sensitivity -81     dBm BW=4MHz Rate=13500Kbps
Modulation=64QAM 5/6
Operating Temperature -40 25 +85 ˚C