DFM Marine 1000C TA: Flow meter for heavy machinery (20 … 1000 l/h, On-board display)

Flow meter for heavy machinery

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DFM Marine is used in telematics systems (GPS tracking systems) and as an autonomous fuel monitoring solution. DFM Marine is installed in fuel line of the engine / boiler / burner, directly measures fuel consumption and generates an output signal, which is sent to telematics unit (GPS tracker).

DFM Marine is used for monitoring fuel consumption and operating time of engine (fuel consumer), and suitable for:

  • water transport – sea and river vessels;
  • locomotives and railway machines;
  • quarrying and mining machinery;
  • powerful diesel generators, boilers, burners.


Fuel consumption optimizationFuel consumption optimization

Fuel misuse and theft detectionFuel misuse and theft detection

Fuel consumption monitoringFuel consumption monitoring

Engine testing for fuel consumptionEngine testing for fuel consumption

Machine hours monitoringMachine hours monitoring


Measuring chamber made of brass

Measuring chamber is made of corrosion-proof and highly durable material – brass.

Different material and fuel line connection type designs

Body and fuel line connections of DFM Marine can be made of duralumin (lighweight and inexpensive) or brass (corrosion-proof and more durable). Fuel line connection types – thread or flange – specified in purchase order.

Operation in differential fuel consumption measurement mode

Any two units of DFM Marine are configured from PC to operate in paired mode, without a need of selecting and calibrating two compatible pieces. Differential fuel consumption measurement mode is used for measuring consumption of fuel in supply and return fuel lines of an engine, if necessary.

Fuel consumption and operating time Counters

Fuel consumption

  • Instant fuel consumption, m3/h
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption in “Idling” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Optimal” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Overload” mode of engine operation
  • Resettable fuel consumption counter

Engine operating time

  • Total operating time
  • Total operating time in “Idling” engine operation mode
  • Total operating time in “Optimal” engine operation mode
  • Total operating time in “Overload” engine operation mode
  • Resettable operating time Counter


  • Engine operating time in “Tampering” mode
  • Engine operating time in “Interference” mode
  • Current engine operation mode as per fuel consumption rate
  • Fuel temperature
  • Temperature correction status
  • Correction coefficient value
  • Event alarms: “Power on/off”, “Tampering”, “Interference, etc.
  • Battery charge


DFM Marine fuel flow meter is installed in fuel line after fine filter:

  • per “pressure side” scheme, after low-pressure pump
  • per “suction side” scheme, before low-pressure pump

For more information about the installation process, including installation schemes description, refer to DFM Marine Operational Manual in Document Center.

You can also order training on installation and configuration of DFM Marine.

Diagnostics and configuration of DFM Marine

DFM Marine diagnostics function allows to evaluate performance of the flowmeter and applicability of DFM Marine settings to fuel system operation parameters. In “Diagnostics” menu, a chart of instant fuel consumption is available, as well as fuel temperature in the chamber, self-diagnostics codes of flow meter, Journal of logged Events – “Power on/off”, switching to “Tampering” and “Interference” operation modes.

DFM Marine is configured with Service S6 DFM software available for PC. It is possible to adjust the following settings of DFM Marine:

  • Boundaries of operation modes – “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload”, “Tampering”, “Interference;
  • correction and temperature correction coefficient
  • units of measurement (Metric/US)

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Modello DFM Marine 1000C TA
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Maximum pressure:

flange connection
thread connection

25 atm
16 atm
Maximum temperature of working fluid 95°С
Fluid viscosity 1,5 – 6,0 mm2/s (cSt)
Measurement chamber material brass
Body/connection materials brass/duralumin**
Inaccuracy rate see tab “Measurement range and accuracy”

Communications standard

CAN J1939/S6 + NMEA2000 digital interface
RS232/485 (protocols: Modbus and DFM COM (extended LLS)) interfaces
pulse output


* – under the order
** – specified in the order